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Financial data

We identify old financial data that is risky to keep in your email. We mark it so you can move or delete it later.

Health information

Health information is by far the most common type of information that is in breach with GDPR. We identify the most common types and let you review the results.

Personal documents

We have identified a lot for documents that typically contain personal information, that you shouldn't keep in your inbox after you need them.

Personal numbers

We mark the most common personal numbers such as social security numbers driver license number and passport numbers.

How GDPRmail works?

It's simple. Login to your mail accounts, let the scanner check for compliance and look in your outlook search folder for non compliant mails.

  1. 1

    Connect your email accounts

    You can use the link in your dashboard, and you can share the link with anyone of your college that needs their account scanned.

  2. 2

    Sit back and let GDPRmail tag your data

    If you have lots of data it might take some time. When our bots find a mail or attachment that might be non-compliant GDPRmail marks it with the outlook category GDPRmail.

  3. 3

    Take a look at your new search folder

    GDPRmail an outlook search folder where you can find all the data that is marked. New data will appear in the GDPRmail folder as GDPRmail helps you as long as you subscribe.

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    “We use GDPRmail to make sure we don’t “forget” old emails with sensitive data, like CV’s and employee evaluations in our inbox.”
    Julia Nøregaard
    HR — EuropenExperts
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    “As a CEO you promise your customers and employees to handle their data correctly and with care and respect. They trust you with their data, and GDPRmail helps me keep my promise and earn their trust.”
    Lars Taxgaard
    CEO — FairPeople
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    “I used to use my inbox as a storage for all my data. It would be impossible to clean it up manually and become compliant with GDPR without GDPRmail.”
    Dan Thomsen
    CEO — Interse A/S
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    “I had no idea what was hiding in my email before GDPRmail showed it to me. And the smart folders made it easy for me to clean up.”
    Andreas Junge
    Chairman — Methodica Ventures
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